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Aloha Discussion / Re: AIS Receivers
« Last post by Holdech on February 06, 2018, 03:54:09 PM »
SDR is pretty cool. A friend uses the unit you mentioned with an upconverter (Ham it up from the same vendor) to listen to marine SSB on his boat.
Works much better than the Eton E5 he used to use and better at multi-channel scanning and monitoring.

For those interested, DockSide Radio maintains a fairly current listing of cruiser and marine nets, frequencies, etc.

I can often pick up the Seven Seas Cruising Association net on 8.104 Mhz (USB) at 7:15 ET in the morning.

Helps me get through the winter lol.

Aloha Discussion / Re: AIS Receivers
« Last post by alapaka on February 04, 2018, 06:08:19 PM »
For those interested in the cheapest and thus most hands-on DIY AIS receiver, have a look at "Software Defined Radio" (SDR). These are generally USB dongles (which can be used with an antenna) and as the name suggests is paired with software that interprets the radio signals received by the dongle/antenna. VHF/AIS are part of the radio spectrum so these dongles can be used with appropriate software (such as OpenCPN) to receive AIS.
I have the $20 Nooelec dongle and it works great!

see here:

google search brings up tons of examples of people using SDR for AIS, VHF and other neat projects.

Aloha Discussion / Re: AIS Receivers
« Last post by Holdech on February 01, 2018, 12:45:54 PM »
A few clarifications:
AIS is not what transmits your position etc in a distress call - that is the DSC function on all modern radios (if they have either internal GPS or are supplied with position info externally). Info is sent when you press the distress button or when the Coast Guard queries your radio (only in an emergency).

AIS integrated with current VHF radios is receive only and typically has a max 25 NM range. It all depends on conditions and the transmitting vessel.

The MarineTraffic site depends on government (where available) data as well as data from volunteer receiving sites. These sites typically have decent antennas and much longer range but they depend on the AIS signal transmitted from the ships.

If you want to be seen on AIS (and maybe MarineTraffic) you need a transmitter. Typically a transponder costing $400 and up and requires a dedicated antenna. A bonus is that commercial traffic will now "see" you on their equipment.

Do I use AIS? I have a Standard Horizon receiver with AIS receive. I also have a remote mic at the helm which shows the AIS display plus I have the AIS targets and data display on my chart plotter. Overkill for the Great Lakes? Depends where you sail!

A Spot replacement - sorry, but no way. Actually, instead of Spot consider the InReach products. A little more expensive but you have two-way text communications anywhere on the planet (via Iridium network). The monthly plans are more expensive than Spot but you can "suspend" them whenever you want and restart whenever you want. With our sailing season here being so short it's less expensive than Spot.

The Daisy AIS receiver would be cool to play with. Its output is NMEA 0183 to you would need a $200 gateway (ActiSense or Yacht Devices) if you want its data on your SeatalkNG or NMEA 2000 network. People use these with their laptops or RPII/Arduino to become receiving stations for MarineTraffic (if located near water of course).

At some point, we will be retiring and heading south. At that time I plan to add an AIS transponder. It will probably be the em-trak B100 AIS Transceiver.
This unit connects directly to the NMEA200 (or SeatalkNG) network on my boat so I can see the AIS targets on any connected device.

Always lots of ways to spend money lol.


Aloha Discussion / Re: AIS Receivers
« Last post by Aurora on January 31, 2018, 11:34:10 PM »
I am reluctant to spend $500 for a VHF that has AIS. They have a tiny screen and are usually kept in the cabin.  And if I bought it I'd be tempted to upgrade my chart-plotter to accept the NIMA feed it sends....
I also thought it would be nice to display the AIS data on an Android tablet and I'm not so sure the VHF units do that.  To make a long story short I found this:

I haven't bought it yet, but I would be interested in any of your thoughts on the subject.  It seems to work with OpenCPN and may even have a blue tooth option.
Aloha Discussion / Calling Melusina....
« Last post by Holdech on January 30, 2018, 01:16:35 PM »
Hi Tom,

Your last post was almost a year and a half ago but I was hoping to ask about your prop strut repairs that you did a few years ago.
I have the exact same issue and was hoping to find out more about where you drilled and injected epoxy.

I sent an email to the address in your profile but no reply...

Aloha Discussion / Re: A32 prop strut issues and questions
« Last post by Bruce on January 23, 2018, 02:16:35 PM »
I sent you the pics I have.  I did take a shot of the engine compartment without the engine, but from the side with the sink obscuring the view.  Bruce
Aloha Discussion / Re: Depth transducer mounting
« Last post by Holdech on January 23, 2018, 02:02:29 PM »
An update.
I am now questioning whether the higher resolution sonar is worth the expense and effort. It's really just for entertainment as all I really need is depth.
The traditional round (or shoot thru hull) Chirp units provide "fish finder" quality imaging as well as accurate depth. I have even read of several using the low cost ransom mount Downvision transducer in a shoot thru hull type of arrangement.
Not sure why I wanted sonar that could read the date off a quarter at 500 feet lol.

Aloha Discussion / Re: A32 prop strut issues and questions
« Last post by Holdech on January 23, 2018, 01:57:16 PM »
Hopefully Melinusa will see these posts and elaborate on their fix. I hate to start drilling holes if someone else has tried this (and hopefully has tips for "next time".

Bruce - did you take lots of pictures as Okaga was built? I'd love to see some of the detail under the liners etc. I have used the pics on the Windover site quite a bit to "see" whats under things.

Aloha Discussion / Re: A32 prop strut issues and questions
« Last post by Bruce on January 22, 2018, 07:29:05 PM »
My guess is that the strut is glassed in place.  Many years ago, when my boat was in manufacture, I visited the factory frequently.  On one occasion, I remember looking at the engine compartment before the engine was installed but after the fuel tank went in.   I do not remember any bolt stubs/nuts protruding from the bottom.   I think I would remembered that.    Bruce
Aloha Discussion / Re: A32 prop strut issues and questions
« Last post by Holdech on January 21, 2018, 05:10:28 PM »
lol - looking at my pics I think it's time to clean under the engine.
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