Click on the model names above to see the complete Owners List for that model. The records in these lists are sorted first by Hull Number. Those where we have no Hull Number on record, but have the year are inserted at the beginning of the relevant year, although this is not completely reliable as for some boats we have hull moulding date and others date first launched or registered. Finally, the ones where we have neither the Hull Number or Year appear at the beginning of each list.

These details are compiled in good faith but may not be correct. If you are aware of any changes, errors, omissions or additions or if you would prefer that any of the details displayed for your entry do not appear here, please contact our webmaster.

About email addresses - until October 2002, we used to list email addresses for any members where this was known, except where we had received a request to withhold this, which we were always happy to do. A number of members found they were receiving an increasing number of "spam" emails, and to avoid this membership list being a possible cause of this, we decided to remove the email addresses from the lists.

This means that the Alohaowners Forum has become the only means of communication between members so it is important that you join and regularly view the forum for the latest messages.

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