Aloha Cabin Side Logo

Many Alohas came with the name displayed on the cabin side. If yours either didn’t, or they have faded or worn away, we can help provide you with replacements.

This photo shows the transfers I had made for “Bliss”, based on a tracing which Dennis Clarke kindly provided from the original transfers on his 28, which he replaced a while ago.

Get some made!

To get these made, I created a Corel Draw file with an image the exact size (approx 21cm x 7.5 cm) of the originals. Many sign makers can use a Corel file as a starting point to import the logo into their own software, although they usually spend some time “cleaning up” the edges to produce the best result. The sign-maker I used charged CDN $35 to tidy up the artwork and CDN $20 for 4 logos themselves, plus tax.

If you want to approach a sign-maker local to you, then download either theĀ  gif file by clicking here

Written by Keith Denham