The Aloha Owners Association caters to owners of Aloha 27 (8.2), Aloha 28 (8.5), Aloha 30 and Aloha 32 sailboats built by Ouyang Boat Works in Whitby, Ontario, Canada. The company went out of business in the late 1980’s, but during the 1970’s and 80’s made approaching 700 Aloha sailing yachts (including the Aloha 34 (10.4)). They are well built cruisers, with fine woodwork throughout their nicely finished interiors. Enthusiastic owners are scattered throughout Canada and the US, as well as at least two in Europe. Thanks to members contributions, this site has become an increasingly comprehensive repository of Aloha information and advice.

The aim of the Association is to enable owners of these Aloha models to participate as a group in all aspects of Aloha sailing. We have owner/boat details of just over 375 of the approximately 500 boats built in these series. Except for the Aloha Forum discussion pages, all parts of this website are accessible without registration. If you own an Aloha and would like your details including in the Owners Listings, please spend a couple of minutes signing up with the Association completely free by filling and submitting the registration form with your boat details and contact information. We promise that your personal data will never be used other than for Association purposes.

Please also take time to sign up to the Alohaowners Forum (also free!), by seeing information about how the Forum works. Because we are a no-subscription association, we don’t have a regular newsletter and this forum is the primary and very active means of communication among members and a valuable source of Aloha chat and information. Both owners and all others interested in Aloha related topics are welcome to join the Forum.

Follow the menu options on the left for areas of the site that interest you and click away. The site is regularly updated as more information becomes available, so check back from time to time in the future and see the What’s New page for details.
As well as the models listed above, the Aloha range included the Aloha 34 (10.4) whose owners have their own group with a website at Aloha 34 Network. At least one “prototype” Aloha-Perry 41 was produced, with the intention to add a 47 as well,  as shown in this copy of an Aloha Yachts advertisement. Before (and for a while after) introducing the Aloha range, Ouyang also manufactured a number of the Matilda 16, 20 & 23. We are not aware of any owners association for these boats, but a more information and links can be found on this Matilda Sailboats web page.
If you have information, articles or pictures that you think will be of interest email these to us.