Aloha 28 (8.5) Owners

The records in these lists are sorted first by Hull Number. Those where we have no Hull Number on record, but have the year are inserted at the beginning of the relevant year, although this is not completely reliable as for some boats we have hull molding date and others date first launched or registered. Finally, the ones where we have neither the Hull Number or Year appear at the beginning of each list.

These details are compiled in good faith but may not be correct. If you are aware of any changes, errors, omissions or additions or if you would prefer that any of the details displayed for your entry do not appear here, please contact our webmaster.

Year Hull # Vessel Name Owner Location
N/A N/A Mytime Owner Not Registered N/A
N/A N/A Blue Heron Owner Not Registered British Columbia, Canada
N/A N/A Chimere Jean Claude Frechette N/A
N/A N/A Pineapple Dan & Brenda McCabe Toronto, Ontario, Canada
N/A N/A N/A Daniel McCormick Auckland, New Zealand
1973 N/A Hornpipe Jeff Satchwell St Petersburg, Florida, USA
1973 N/A Aurora Borealis Mary Gatien Grand Bay Westfield, New Brunswick Canada
1974 N/A N/A John Turner Hampton, Virginia, USA
1974 N/A Seahorse Paul & Sandra Vickery Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
1975 N/A Quidi Vidi Fernand Baril Wilsons Corners, Quebec, Canada
1975 N/A Zanna II Barry & Zoe Webb Marco Island, Florida, USA
1975 N/A N/A Nicki Davis N/A
1976 N/A Isabella Zoubida Duff Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
1976 N/A Vagabond James Beddard Montreal, Qubec, Canada
1976 N/A Machpuchare Owner Not Registered West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
1976 N/A White Magic John Vacca & Sofia Bountas Toronto, Ontario, Canada
1977 N/A Halcyon Kevin Miles Everett, Washington, USA
1977 N/A B’witched Darryl Simmons Belleville, Ontario, Canada
1978 N/A Van De Stat A McG Killaloe, Co Clare, Ireland
1978 N/A Scrimshaw Klaus Hueck & Deborah Corbett Toronto, Ontario, Canada
1978 N/A Dzeta Guy Joncas Saint-Eustache, Quebec, Canada
1978 N/A Orient Express Evelyn Benson Cobourg, Ontario, Canada
1978 N/A Kyle of Kilorne John Patrick Markham, Ontario, Canada
1978 N/A Charade Zsolt & Katalin Kecskemeti Markham, Ontario, Canada
1979 N/A Dreamer II Tom Gilgan Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
1979 N/A Ilmobil Michel Berthiaume Deus-Montagnes, Quebec, Canada
1979 N/A Cyrano II Scott Appleby Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
1980 N/A Caleta Andrew Watkins Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
1980 N/A Proxima Centauri Ross Emmans Nobleton, Ontario, Canada
1980 N/A Hawaiian Punch Michael Krueger Toronto, Ontario, Canada
1981 N/A Silver Pelican Peter Bourne Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
1982 N/A J.E.Swoop Alan Ward Mystic, Connecticut, USA
1983 N/A Sir Francis John Russell Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
1985 N/A Tekoma Owner Not Registered Ontario, Canada
1987 N/A III Ladies Harold Wheaton Sheet Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada
1988 N/A Classy Lady I Marvin Walsh Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada
1974 2 P J Terry Bell Hampton Rhoads Virginia USA
1973 23 Ondine Ryan and Tanissa Beck Pointe-Claire, Quebec
1973 24 Ex-Tension Jim & Diane Gonyou Welland, Ontario, Canada
1974 26 Saran Jim Wallace Whitby, Ontario, Canada
1973 28 Assidius Dan& Barbara Sullivan Baltimore, Maryland, USA
1973 30 Marangai Tom Meagher Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada
1973 31 Sundream Owner Not Registered Ontario, Canada
1973 32 Mystic Lady Jim & Debby Leach Harrow, Ontario, Canada
1974 33 Sunset Dream Bill & Julie Seaton Blenheim, Ontario, Canada
1973 34 Free Willy Bud & Lynda Elkin Palmetto, FL
1973 35 Sail Away Bob Skelsey Corbyville, Ontario, Canada
1973 36 (Duplicate Hull) Sea Breeze Brian Winters Liverpool, Nova Scotia, Canada
1973 36(Duplicate Hull Alouette VII Greg Steele Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
1974 38 Ruhaven Rudolf Heijdens Belleville, Ontario, Canada
1974 42 Wind Swept Scott Wells Salem, Massachusetts, USA
1974 46 Anuket Bill Workman Orangeville, Ontario, Canada
1974 47 Anya J Bill Hudson Port Stanley, Ontario, Canada
1974 48 Kulani Alex Lounsberry Belleville, Ontario, Canada
1974 49 Pickle Gurth Bramall Oakville, Ontario, Canada
1975 58 Mananan Mickie Daniel & David Angas Oakville, Ontario, Canada
1975 66 Barachois Belle Stanley Roussel Chateauguay, Quebec, Canada
1974 69 Kuleana II Robert Foster & Tracey Parnell Brampton, Ontario, Canada
1975 70 Siesta Leroy & Deanna Murphy St John’s, Newfoundland, Canada
1976 71 Nice Vice Owner Not Registered Toronto, Ontario, Canada
1976 72 Defiance John and Jane Haggis Victoria B.C.
1975 75 Roseau Marcel Belleau Ste-Julie, Qubec, Canada
1976 76 Tigger Too L R Abrams Ajax, Ontario, Canada
1978 83 Shadow Keith & Alison Hickey Toronto, Ontario, Canada
1977 84 Blue Jeans George Restrup Midland, Ontario
N/A 86 Cabair Feidh R Stobie Ontario, Canada
1977 88 Credo 1 John Stewart Toronto, Ontario, Canada
1978 90 Wiz Kidz Owner Not Registered Ontario, Canada
1976 91 Gypsy Andrew Durward Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
1977 92 Family Outing Ki & Connie Yuen Brampton, Ontario, Canada
1978 94 (duplicate hull) Kanga David Andresen Toronto, Ontario, Canada
1978 94 (duplicate hull) Blaack Maagic François Launay and Josée Dorval Vaudreuil, Quebec, Canada
1977 95 Bella Del Mar Tim Lambert Lake Charlotte, Nova Scotia, Canada
1978 99 Aegis Ray & Pascale Baker Pontiac, Quebec, Canada
1978 100 Aldebaran Ken Fraser Honey Harbour, Ontario, Canada
1978 102 Elusive Wendy and David Ernst Oakville, Ontario, Canada
1978 104 Gambit Adam Mayers Oakville, Ontario, Canada
1978 105 Fiji Andrew and Donna Dobell Fifty Point Yacht Club, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
1979 106 Lion in the Sun Don Webster Shanty Bay, Ontario, Canada
1979 108 Koh Samui Rodney Jones Belleville, Ontario, Canada
1979 111 Eros One John & Sharon Souvage Burlington, Ontario, Canada
1979 112 Rocka-Fella Art & Thelma James Whitby, Ontario, Canada
1979 113 Lanakai Norman Dolan Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
1979 115 Shangrila Jean-Pierre Falgueyret & Guy Ouimet & Yves Ducharme Montreal, Quebec Canada
1979 118 Sea Harp Dale & Shelly Wood Saltsprings, Nova Scotia, Canada
1979 122 N/A Doug Bagshaw Pickering, Ontario, Canada
1979 123 Skoro II Andres Quintero Trenton, Ontario, Canada
1979 124 Free’n Easy Steve Kitson Toronto, Ontario, Canada
1979 125 Nivek Kevin & Lynn Conrad Amherstburg, Ontario, Canada
1979 132 Boots Walter Soroka Brantford, Ontario, Canada
1979 133 Reunion Larry & Wanda Howe Waterdown, Ontario,Canada
1981 135 Skana Peter Payne West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
1980 136 She Cat Garry Pettipas Embrun, Ontario
1981 137 Minn Tui Neil and Deborah Marshall London, Ontario
1981 138 Enigma Dwight Vessey & Joan Mackinnon Charlottetown, P.E.I,Canada
1981 139 Polaris Lloyd Fitzsimonds Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
1981 140 New Horizons Bob Sullivan Nepean, Ontario, Canada
1982 141 Comus Robert & Bonnie McCourt Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada
1981 143 Nautilass Nigel Martin Ipswich, River Orwell,  UK
1981 144 Slip Away Paul Justice Port Cobourg. Ontario
1981 145 Dream Merchant Chris Evans Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
1981 146 Chasing Dreams Owner Not Registered Ontario, Canada
1981 147 Mystere Phil Earle Calgary, Alberta, Canada
1981 149 Current Vibe Kevin Sanford Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
1981 150 Holo Holo II Roger Duchesne Brockville, Ontario, Canada
1981 151 WING’N IT Mike Locke Cobourg, Ontario, Canada
1981 152 Dutch Courage Hans Boot & Dennise Daly Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada
1981 153 Eagle Trace David Crinall Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
1982 154 Dynes Glas Roger Fowler Newhamburgh, Ontario, Canada
1981 156 Kalimba Hugh Blackman Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
1981 157 Unknown Dorwin Kujawski Montgomery Illinois
1981 158 (Duplicate Hull) Sea Shanty Unknown Unknown
1984 158 (Duplicate Hull) Sea Dreams Marshall Powell San Jose, California, USA
1982 159 Dragon Chaser Glen Graham Port Stanly, Ontario, Canada
1982 160 Ahoy Polloi Liam Fitzgerald Vernon Yacht Club Vernon B.C.
1983 162 Out and About Scott Gardner Georgetown, Ontario, Canada
1982 163 (Duplicate Hull) Gilligan’s Island Jerry Lane Brechin, Ontario, Canada
1985 163 (Duplicate Hull) Rosebud Randy Rusch Bayfield, WI, USA
1982 164 Heresy Owner Not Registered West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
1982 165 Windrose Art Szabo Hurley, New York, USA
1982 166 Viento Agua Ken & Wendy Haupt Jackson’s Point Harbour, Georgina Ontario, Canada
1982 167 Y Knotformally Sarhea Laurie & Yvonne Rafuse LaHave River, Nova Scotia,Canada
1982 168 La Gamine Ernie Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
1982 169 Fidji Benoit Lacroix Montreal, Quebec, Canada
1982 170 Impatient Wayne & Rhoda Kelley Shelburne, Nova Scotia, Canada
1982 171 Alice J Robert Wittig & Amy Keenum Chassell, Michigan, USA
1983 172 Waverley Wallace Troup Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
1983 173 Talvez Robert Gloman Sandusky, Ohio, USA
1983 174 Yoda Thomas Thibault Fenton, Michigan, USA
1983 175 N/A N/A N/A
1983 176 Arabella Geoff Blake East Greenwich, Rhode Island, USA
1983 178 Blue Yonder Ian Clark Lake Simcoe, Ontario, Canada
1983 179 EnGarde Jean Andre LaBrie Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada
1983 180 Black Magic Barry Russell Columbia, South Carolina, USA
1982 181 N/A John Christie N/A
1983 182 Fair Play Doug & Judy Everett New Bern, North Carolina, USA
1983 183 Orange Float Gerald & Beverley Angus Windsor, Ontario, Canada
1984 185 Hard Tack Tony Mercer/Elaine Sullivan (Terra Nova Yacht Club) Holyrood, Newfoundland, Canada
1983 186 Tina Maria Bill Noble Bradford, Ontario, Canada
1983 187 Soundchaser George & Pat Paterson Tillsonburg, Ontario, Canada
1983 188 Nagochee II Robert & Donna Acheson Nepean, Ontario, Canada
1984 189 Seakindly Dick & Shirley Snow Soloman’s, Maryland, USA
1983 190 (Duplicate Hull) Scott Free III Alf and Olesia Van Dyke Brockville, Ontario, Canada
1985 190 (Duplicate Hull) Slip Away Frank & Pat Steip Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
N/A 192 N/A Tony Svboda Camlachie, Ontario, Canada
1984 193 Tayl Wind Drew Taylor Grimsby, Ontario, Canada
1984 194 Maluhia Sean & Sandra Dubreuil BHYC, Oakville Ontario, Canada
1984 195 Ariescorp Bill & Carolyn Harris Brockville, Ontario, Canada
1985 196 Re-Joyce Douglas & Joyce Eagles Woodbridge, Virginia, USA
1984 198 Hardship Doug Strype Pickering, Ontario, Canada
1984 199 Brown Sugar Todd Hagar St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
1984 200 Lyman B Jeff Knowlton Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada
1984 202 Kuokoa Barry Ward Meaford, Ontario, Canada
1984 203 Madrigal Yves Reid Gatineau, Canada
1985 207 Pirate Kitty Matt Swift Kingston, Ontario, Canada
1985 208 Serendipity Gord Harris Cobourg, Ontario, Canada
1986 211 Wyndancer Alan & Heather Levy Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada
1986 212 Hollander Jim Savary Toronto, Ontario, Canada
1985 213 Larus Marinus Rod and Myrla Shaw St. Margaret’s Bay, Nova Scotia
1988 214 Saoirse Bob Berlew Byron, Michigan, USA
1989 215 Pretender Bruce & Laura Forman Coconut Grove, Florida, USA