Aloha 32 Owners

The records in these lists are sorted first by Hull Number. Those where we have no Hull Number on record, but have the year are inserted at the beginning of the relevant year, although this is not completely reliable as for some boats we have hull molding date and others date first launched or registered. Finally, the ones where we have neither the Hull Number or Year appear at the beginning of each list.

These details are compiled in good faith but may not be correct. If you are aware of any changes, errors, omissions or additions or if you would prefer that any of the details displayed for your entry do not appear here, please contact our webmaster.

Year Hull # Vessel Name Owner Location
N/A N/A Minelmike III Joshua Givens Toronto, Ontario, Canada
N/A N/A Puffin Ed Trippe Fishers Island, New York, USA
N/A N/A Thistle II James & Sheila Berry Trenton, Ontario, Canada
1983 N/A The Children’s Hour Daniel Coghlin Rowayton, Connecticut, USA
1983 N/A At Ease Steve Andrews Bay of Quinte, Ontario, Canada
1983 N/A Maria de la Mare Ron Whitmarsh Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
1983 N/A Black Magic IV James Gilchrist Kanata, Ontario, Canada
1983 N/A Scott Free III John Martin Brampton, Ontario, Canada
1983 N/A Promise Breck Montague Gloucester, Virginia
1983 N/A Enigma Jessica Kirchoff & Patrick Valleau Milford, Connecticut, USA
1984 N/A Avrio Arpad Horvath Vancouver, British Columbia, , Canada
1984 N/A Escapade IX Burton Blais & Amalia Martinez Nepean, Ontario, Canada
1984 N/A Aladdin Trina Marie Cairns Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
1984 N/A Avrio Gordon Stewart Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
1984 N/A Kachina Scott Ohman Port Townsend WA.
1987 N/A Nagochee Maurice & Edith Jenkins Prescott, Ontario, Canada
1988 N/A Just Us Owner Not Registered Oriental, North Carolina, USA
1981 001 Aquarelle Andrew Macleod Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
1982 002 Westerley IV John & Page Porter Duncan, British Columbia, Canada
1982 003 N/A Graham & Diana Thomas Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
1982 004 Panacea John O’Keefe Boston, Massachusetts, USA
1982 005 Maighdean Mhara Joseph and Deborah DiMarino Deale,  Maryland USA
1982 008 Be Faithful II Geoff & Mary Jane Ralling Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada
1983 010 Solitude Kameanani & Aaron Blackman Florida, USA
1983 011 Alexa Alan Christie Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
1983 012 Providence Gary & Marsha Pyke Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada
1983 013 Emilia Mark & Chuck Adey Plymouth, Maine, USA
1983 015 Avalon Don Millman Toronto, Ontario Canada
N/A 016 Evermoore Steve & Mary Manuel Charlottetown, PEI, Canada
1980 017 True Love Richard Gratton N/A
1983 022 China Girl David Querbach Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
1983 023 Starlight Gord Fulcher Sooke, British Columbia, Canada
1983 024 Elusive Jim Meagher Spruce Point/West Bay, Nova Scotia
1983 025 Windependent Ken and Connie Bowling Punta Gorda, Florida, USA
1983 026 Traumerei George Myers New Bern, North Carolina, USA
1983 027 Beijo do Mar Erna Wenus & Michael Bodo Cupertino, CA
1983 030 Pleamar Larry Smith Vallejo, California USA
1983 031 Day-O Chuck & Corey Sessler Gig Harbour, Washington, USA
1983 032 Carmana Chris Smith Tacoma, Washington, USA
1984 033 Midnight Rider Owner Not Registered
1984 034 N/A Breck and Mary Montague Gloucester, VA
1984 035 Blue J Ken Barnaby John Wayne Marina, Sequim, WA.
1984 036 Andiamo Wayne Stokes Holyrood, Newfoundland, Canada
1984 037 Gaelic Breeze Owner Not Registered Texas, USA
1984 038 Poet Craig Taylor, Leetsdale, Pennsylvania,USA
1985 039 Vagary Ross Curry Bluffers Park, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
1984 040 Explorer Dr David Perry Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada
1984 041 Euroa Robert Fielder Dallas, Texas, USA
1985 044 Lyric Edmund P Bullis Marblehead, Massachusetts, USA
1985 045 Melusina Tim Bledsoe Grosse Pointe, MI, USA
1984 046 Elixir V Jeff McRae Sarnia, Ontario, Canada
1984 047 Free Roy Koz Cape Coral, Florida, USA
1985 048 Sialia David Henry Toronto, Ontario, Canada
1984 050 Chrysalis Christopher Land Columbia, South Carolina, USA
1985 052 Chester Longtree Shelagh and Jim Collard Ivy Lee, Ontario, Canada
1985 053 Valkyrie Bill & Christine Fleming Buffalo, New York, USA
1985 055 Pengwyn Bob Forgues CFB Trenton Yacht Club, Trenton, Ontario, Canada
1985 056 Whimsy Jeff and Natalie Pickrem Glen Margaret, Nova Scotia, Canada
1985 057 Kestrel Jerry & Helga Robson Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
1985 058 Celebration Paul & Julie Bukowski Amherst, New York, USA
1985 059 Shakey Jake Thomas & Sue Schneiter Madison, Connecticut, USA
1986 060 Soul Passage Glen & Judy Woodin Toronto, Ontario, Canada
1986 061 Charisma Tom & Kathy Newhard Camarillo, California, USA
1986 062 Dileas Andrew Campbell NE Maryland, USA
1986 063 Artsea Mark Kolsun Sarnia, Ontario, Canada
1986 064 Annie’s Song John McMullen & Beth Stewart Bronte Harbour Yacht Club, Ontario, Canada.
1986 065 Baccalieu Bob & Rosalind Hesser Midland, Ontario, Canada
1986 066 Sojourner Bill Devey Hampton Roads, Virginia, USA
1986 067 Kialoha Julie McGillivray & Julie Moriarty Punta Gorda, Florida, USA
1986 068 Skylarker Eric & Ethel Bishop Chester Basin, Nova Scotia, Canada
1987 069 Telyos Thomas Downing Stratford, Connecticut, USA
1987 070 Solitude Chris Snyder Ashtabula, Ohio, USA
1987 073 Okaga Bruce Arthur Toronto, Ontario, Canada
1987 075 Aloha Don Jones Seymour, Connecticut, USA
1987 076 TARDIS Bill Gorsline Bath, Ontario, Canada
1986 077 Makani Kai Charlie & Amy Hitlin Apex, North Carolina USA
1987 078 Teliki Chris & Lenore Holderness Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
1988 079 Sultry Mist Bob & Jane Jeniski Thompson, Connecticut, USA
1988 081 Aurora Donald Arsem South Bristol, Maine, USA
1988 082 Watermusic Zolt & Kathy Kecskemeti Markham, Ontario,Canada
1988 083 Southern Ease Robert Fielder Florida, USA