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Title: RSS news feed enabled
Post by: alohaoa on November 27, 2006, 03:03:20 AM
Any of you who use either a NewsReader program or one of the web browsers that incorporate this functionality will probably be pleased to know that this forum now supports RSS feeds. Just use the following URL:;limit=50;action=.xml

Title: Re: RSS news feed enabled
Post by: drummond on December 01, 2006, 04:12:43 PM
Great stuff Keith. Now I can easily read the forum in Thunderbird. For those of you who have this mailreader, you can also use it to create an "RSS feed" account and subscribe to as many feeds as you like. Help at (  Once an "RSS feed" account is created, in the "Account Settings" click on your new RSS account and click "manage your subscriptions". Click ADD and copy the feed URL Keith provided (below). The feed will automatically update all the article subjects and you can read them much the same way you read email. Just select with your mouse and copy this code to paste into your  new Thunderbird account. You can paste the address into most other readers including Google Desktop.;limit=50;action=.xml

I've been experimenting with a blog and feed to replace my boating news page:
 "Boating in Canada News" page (
 "Boating in Canada News Blog" (
 Signup for most Feed readers: