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Title: 1985 Aloha 8.2 : Dreaming of Going South
Post by: Amand on September 03, 2009, 12:11:56 PM
Hello everyone;

We are the one who have "Energize", an 1985 Aloha 8.2 (Hull # 171) for sale on PEI. We decided to list our beloved Aloha to see what kind of interest there is out there. There has been a couple of inquiries so far.

Our situation...more of a dilemma, is this.

Within the next couple of years, my wife and I will be retiring. We are in good health and ready for adventure. We had a good soul-searching discussion a few months back and determined that we want to be cruising as long as we can. Thus the reason for putting the boat up for sale and looking at upgrading. Some of the amenities we would be looking for in a new boat would be hot/cold pressure water, a head with a shower, a full galley with oven, more storage, room to have the kids and family on board for visits, etc...without compromising of course on safety and good sailing characteristics.

The big question we really want to sell our Aloha ?? Even without these "amenities", we know that we could make do on "Energize". We know the boat, it is paid for, and really would not require too much for a lenghty voyage. Another plus....We have a fully inspected and plated road ready trailer with electric brakes, automatic disconnect box, etc....this trailer could haul our boat anywhere. We have discussed trailering our boat south and leaving from Northern Florida or thereabouts. I still think this is a very possible do we really need a new boat ??.

It would be very nice however to have a 30 to 32 footer, with those so called luxuries to make our adventure more bearable...we think......see I am flip flopping again !!

That is our situation and any thoughts as to any advice/direction would be appreciated.

Cheers....Amand & Joanne from PEI.   

Title: Re: 1985 Aloha 8.2 : Dreaming of Going South
Post by: hanleyjt on September 03, 2009, 07:38:12 PM

We are lucky enough to live in the Florida Panhandle, Pensacola. "The Western Gate to the Sunshine State."

I would be glad to discuss your plans with you. Please contact me at ""

Jim Hanley

Shamrock II
Title: Re: 1985 Aloha 8.2 : Dreaming of Going South
Post by: Amand on September 06, 2009, 08:14:03 PM
Hi Jim;
Thanks a mil for your offer. We will certainly keep that in mind. Since my last posting, there has been an interest in our Aloha. We'll see how that goes. We do appreciate your response and will keep you posted via your e-mail address.
Title: Re: 1985 Aloha 8.2 : Dreaming of Going South
Post by: Bud on October 22, 2009, 09:50:22 PM
Amand & Joanne,
I live in southwest Florida, and have an Aloha 8.5/28. We have made a bunch of improvements on our boat. Granite countertops in bathroom and galley, electric head with Purasan waste treatment unit, large bimini, new cushions with memory foam, watermaker, and will be installing a water and wind generators. Even though the boat is 28' it still is comfortable for two, and an occassional 3rd person. We cruise the west coast, the keys, Bahamas, and this summer we are going to cruise up the east coast. The Bahamas are not much of a jump or discomfort, so I think you may want to try cruising down here for awhile before upgrading to see if the boat you have will suffice(your 8.2 isn't much smaller than our 8.5). If you go over 35' to the bahamas you have to pay $300 instead of $150 for an entrance fee. The bigger boats are more confortable, but you can also get comfortable on a smaller boat as well. I liked the part where you realized that your boat is payed off. That's the part that appeals to me. I would like to upgrade someday too, but having a boat paid off is a nice incentive to do with what you have.

Most of you'all that own Aloha's are from way up north, and may not realize how nice and easy it is to gunkhole and cruise in paradise. I say try it before investing to much. If you need anything while down in these parts you can email me, and I'll be happy to take you out for a cruise. I am retired, and really have nothing to pressing each day to do, but it seems to take all day to do it!

Title: Re: 1985 Aloha 8.2 : Dreaming of Going South
Post by: CaptV on November 07, 2009, 10:47:56 PM
someone once said, that the best boat to go cruising with is the one you already have. there is not much more to add to that kind of wisdom.
the size of the boat as far as comfort is concerned is a state of mind really. My wife and I lived on a 20' Flicka for over 2 years, and we still think that was our best two years. Now we have an Aloha 32, lived on it for about 3 years now. No shower, the galley can be much better, not exactly made for deep water cruising, but she is capable and so we just work with in the parameters and using a lot of enginuity make do with what we have. Sore we'd like a larger boat, but why, I ask often, this one is payed for we almost at the point where she is set up for our needs. Again, there are times when we are a little frustruated with some of the short comings of the boat, what the hek, she made it across the Atlantic twice, been to Greenland as I understand and made a trip to the Caribbean, so I guess we should be able to manage. Go cruising in your 8.2. see if its really for you, and later on, if you must, you can allways upgrade. Good to get a little experience to know what works, what not, and what you want in your next boat. Your current boat will give you the base for comparison.
And this is my 2 cents
Title: Re: 1985 Aloha 8.2 : Dreaming of Going South
Post by: Billieboat on November 12, 2009, 06:53:06 PM
Hi......I'm new to the site, and joined as I am considering the purchase of an Aloha 32 for a cruise from Georgian Bay to the Caribbean.......I would like to do some offshore legs along the way (? Bermuda to the Bahamas).It has been good reading the various discussions from you question is whether the 32 is a reasonable choice (as a 'little sister' of the Niagara 35 design).......comments, advice? Bill
Title: Re: 1985 Aloha 8.2 : Dreaming of Going South
Post by: Bill Hutton on November 19, 2009, 01:44:57 PM
We were also debating the A32 and the Niagara 35 in the spring.  While looking at a CS36 (which BTW we found small and dark inside) the broker recommended looking at the Aloha 32 as it was essentially the same boat as the Niagara which we had seen the summer before.  My wife prefers the non-V berth model layout in both boats as compared to the layout of a standard sailboat.  Bill Flemming in Wilson was good enough to show us his A32 V-berth model and an ‘traditional’ A32, and in the end the A32 won out.
The A32 has essentially the same living space inside; and of course the outside looks exactly the same (top and bottom) as the Niagara.  One of the main factors which swayed us besides the price difference (the A32 typically sells for about half the price of a Niagara) was that the A32 does not have a balsa cored hull like the Niagara.
Unfortunately I can’t comment personally on offshore sailing in an A32, but I would have to believe that this solid boat should be able to stand up to quite a bit of bad weather.
Bill Hutton
Bronte, Ontario
Title: Re: 1985 Aloha 8.2 : Dreaming of Going South
Post by: Aloha_float on November 19, 2009, 03:19:49 PM
My only input would be in reference to the hull.  Niagara's have a balsa core.  Aloha is solid glass.  If you consider the Niagara, get it surveyed with a moisture assessment as repair of a balsa core hull can get very expensive.
Title: Re: 1985 Aloha 8.2 : Dreaming of Going South
Post by: charisma on November 23, 2009, 08:16:35 PM
Ah,the dream of sailing where the wind takes you, of freedom, of endless horizons,but if you do it in an A32 you will be in a foam cored boat. To the best of my recollection A32,s are all cored above the water line with the exception of hard points for rigging and such.
My hull is #61 and I have replaced the above the water line through hull for the bilge pump,6''s above the wet stuff, reddish foam,thankfully dry.
The deck is mostly cored with balsa again except for hard points where it is cored with plywood.Most of the below the water line glass isn't going to set any thickness records either,5/16'' to 3/8'' [ 8 to 10mm for you folks up north ].
Thickness isn't everything in boat building Marygold!,good wet out and a proper laminating schedule can mean the difference between an inflexible top heavy hull and one that will flex and return to it's original shape.
I believe the A32 is of the latter example ,flexible without being too light ,stiff enough without being too heavy.
An A32 is much better than most production boats of it's day,they are reasonable and you just might have the only one in your harbor or your state for that matter.