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Head hoses are lots of fun, you should probably replace both of them whole you are at it they get a bit smelly over the years. Make sure you change the vent hose too, those get super stinky.

Get the good low odour hose so you won't have to do it again for a long time, bring a jug of white vinegar to help with the cleanup.

Aloha Discussion / Re: Cockpit wood
« Last post by Sawlty Dawg on April 09, 2020, 11:26:37 PM »
Bit of progress today as the varnish arrived, Interlux Schooner Gold.
Aloha Discussion / Re: Aloha 32
« Last post by SailorTim on April 09, 2020, 07:33:54 PM »
If you can find a freshwater boat its worth paying some extra money.  How much extra would be subject to some debate, but in my opinion $10,000 would not be unreasonable.  I would not touch a salt water boat that is well over 30 years old.  And, one season in salt water makes it a salt water boat.


On my A32 they're not hard at all, as the deck pipes are only held on by a bolt which threads onto the stem piece from underneath.  In fact, it has the annoying habit of coming loose and the whole flange spinning every time we try to tighten the cap.  I was going to properly seal it and install screws through the flange and into the deck in order to keep it from moving, but our marina will not let us into the yard to even access our boats for any reason (no idea if the tarp is even still on, and they are not returning my calls). 
Has anyone else replaced the deck waste cap, flange and hose on their Aloha? We have a 32, and are considering it. Did you have an issues? Were extra precautions necessary to not cause damage while removing? What was your experience?

I'm asking for a friend.  ::) LOL
Aloha Discussion / Re: New A32 project added - air conditioning...
« Last post by jmcgillivray on April 09, 2020, 02:09:09 PM »
Can anyone comment on whether that is an original hose? (the striped ones)
Aloha Discussion / Re: Aloha 32
« Last post by Julie M on April 09, 2020, 11:51:56 AM »
We bought our A32 last May for $22K.  It was in great shape and so fully loaded we rode several inches below the waterline bringing her back home.  The deal included a 9' ZOOM inflatable with a newer 4HP Yamaha.

It's a great boat but the 150 genoa is a bit too much and makes the boat very tender in a puff.  But on broad reaches we have hit 7.6 knots.  The 150 acts more like a Code 0.  We're researching a smaller headsail, maybe as small as a 115.

We slept on the boat several days getting her ready for splash then spent another 8 days crossing Florida.  Even with the equipment taking up space in the cabin, she was reasonably comfortable.  But getting up at night to use the head required some acrobatics, getting over your partner and all. 

Ours has the forward workshop.  We removed the saloon table to make moving fore and aft easier.  And once we cleared out all the stock, it was quite comfortable inside.  We haven't missed the table at all.

Overall we're pretty happy with the purchase.  For a 32 footer, she offers a lot.
Aloha Discussion / Re: New A32 project added - air conditioning...
« Last post by Julie M on April 09, 2020, 11:31:48 AM »
This is on our list of "possibilities" so please keep us all in the loop.
Have you purchased the equipment yet? I've been pricing a few brands but can't find much on Flagship Marine.

I'm also curious how your holding tank is plumbed for offshore discharge (I have a post about this but few replies)?
Mostly interested in whether it's gravity or using a macerator pump.


Sorry it took so long to reply, Chris.  I keep forgetting to check in.  I've now got the notify box checked.

We bought our unit from Flagship Marine.  I was going to go with the 9K BTU but Steve said a 12K unit would be needed for the Florida heat.  While on the phone with Steve, I measured the available space being particularly concerned about the height of the unit.  Steve read the dimensions off his website and the 12K unit made it with less than 1/4" to spare.  This would be installed under the double berth.

When I got the unit back to the house (our boat is docked behind the house) I made up a box the exact dimensions of the unit.  I took it out to the boat and it wouldn't fit.  I double checked the measurements and the box matched them perfectly.  I went back to the Flagship Marine website to check those measurements and found the height off by 3/4".  Turns out the website measurements failed to include the aluminum base. 

The unit has been sitting under cover in my workshop ever since.  It's looking like we'll have to make some serious modifications or relocate some other equipment to fit it in elsewhere.

To your head question.  Here's a picture of our setup:
Aloha Discussion / Re: sailing with young kids on your aloha?
« Last post by quentincloud on April 04, 2020, 04:46:43 PM »
Thanks for the feedback guys. I can't wait to go out on the boat with the family. (hopefully this summer if we are allowed to put the boat on the water by then...).
Aloha Discussion / Re: sailing with young kids on your aloha?
« Last post by jesse on April 04, 2020, 02:24:30 PM »
We've been sailing with our daughter since she was 2 years old (7 now), and we've just done the common sense things. Life jackets all of the time for everyone, and no leaving the cockpit while underway unless directly with an adult and only under calm conditions. And no monkeying around in the cockpit (bums on seat, or the cockpit floor). When she was younger we'd also only let her be somewhere down below where we could keep an eye on her, and with one of us directly in any kind of weather.

I think the jack line idea sounds good as long as your taking into account the weather, lines, sails etc. Make it fun, but keep it safe of course.
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