Author Topic: Leaky fixed portlights in Aloha 8.2  (Read 106 times)


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Leaky fixed portlights in Aloha 8.2
« on: May 08, 2020, 08:02:06 AM »
hi all,

more questions about the aloha 8.2 i'm considering purchasing.

the fixed portlights have what appears to be plastic frames.  not surprisingly, they leak.  i saw no obvious way to disassemble the ports like the aluminum framed fixed ports in my old pearson 28.  i read another thread about this topic on this forum and that owner said he paid $1800 to have custom replacements made.  that's a non-starter for me. 

is there any agreed upon way to fix the leaky plastic  framed port lights on aloha 8.2's?  these ports are a potential deal breaker for me.  please someone tell me the secret trick to rehab these fixed ports.

thanks in advance