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Photo Attachments
« on: December 19, 2006, 12:45:41 AM »
Another forum feature I was nervous of enabling until I was sure how much space and "bandwidth" the forum was going to consume is the ability to attach photos.

I have switched this on - for the main Aloha Discussion board only - with the following limits:
  • Only JPG format pictures are supported
  • Maximum of 3 pictures with any one message
  • Individual pictures not to exceed 350k filesize and total of the 3 pictures not over 900k
  • Be really careful not to exceed these limits (or keep a copy of your message text until you are sure it has worked) as my testing suggests the forum software is rather unfriendly on this point - if it gives you an error message because either the individual or total filesize limits are exceeded, you seem to have to start again from scratch  :(.
  • Please use this option sparingly and responsibly to illustrate discussion topics - if it begins to take up too much space or bandwidth (or is abused with inappropriate posts) I will have to turn it off again!

To use this feature, when creating a message just click on "Additional Options" below the typing window, and then on the "Browse" button to locate on your PC the picture to be uploaded. If you have more than one picture, click on the "(more attachments)" link and it will give you another line and Browse button (up to the maximum of 3). When your message is displayed, the picture attachments will appear as "thumbnails" below the message (as in the examples attached to this message), and people can click on them to see them full size. Pictures will "expand" where they are if they're 640 x 480 or smaller, or otherwise they'll load into a new browser window.

Remember that when uploading images the message and attachments will take quite a while to send to the server compared with the text only messages we've been using up to now.