Author Topic: Avatars now able to be uploaded  (Read 5833 times)


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Avatars now able to be uploaded
« on: November 27, 2006, 03:32:43 AM »
Some of you had asked whether the forum could support "avatars" - those thumbnail pictures that make you easy to recognise in your "posts".

I didn't want to enable this feature until I was sure how much bandwidth the relocated website and forum would use, but I have now switched it on. The maximum picture size is 75 x 75 pixels, and the system will automatically re-size anything bigger that you try to upload. To add your picture, click the "profile" button (or this link) and then select "Forum Profile Information" from the menu on the left, and follow the instructions.


(P.S. in case you're wondering about my avatar, since we sold our Aloha in the summer, sharing my son's Miata in Autocross events has become my main weekend pastime!)