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FORUM TIPS - Links and notifications
« on: March 01, 2006, 12:23:41 AM »
I hope some combination of these features will increase the convenience of the boards and work well for most users:

  • When you logon to the main forum screen, in the User Info area you will see a link “Show Unread Posts Since Last Visit”.
  • Alternatively, if you scroll down to the Forum Stats area you will see a link to “10 Most Recent Posts” which are displayed in a single screen summary that is very quick and easy to review – probably easier than opening each of however many separate emails you would have received in your mail program.
  • The icon to the left of the board name (i.e. “Aloha Discussion” or “Manuals Download”) shows whether there are new items in that board since your last visit.
  • When you look at the bulletin board lists of posts, those which are new, or have a new reply since you last viewed them, have a “New” icon next to them. Clicking this icon instead of the subject title will take you straight to the first reply you haven’t already seen.
  • If you’ve looked at everything that interests you, you can click “Mark as Read” to reset all the other “New” icons.
  • The board does support some email notification options. These don’t replicate the old email list by sending you the actual text of the post, and you can’t reply to them, but they are quite flexible:
    1.   When viewing a “Board” (i.e. the list of topics is displayed), you can click “Notify” to be advised by email when there are new posts on that board.   
    2.   When you are viewing an individual message you can click on the “Notify” button to be advised by email when there are new replies to that particular topic. If you use this feature only for items that interest you, you won’t receive notifications on topics you aren’t interested in (under the old email server I used to spend a lot of time opening and immediately deleting items I would just as soon not have received).
    3.   By going into “Profile” and “Notifications and Email” you can set an overall preference for the above functions so that you either get just a single email to let you know when there are new items since you last logged on, or an email every time there is a new post.
    4.   In that screen you can also select an option that will automatically set a “Notify” (similar to Item 2 above) on any individual topics you start or reply to.
    5.   Any of these options can be reversed by repeating the same process.
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