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Welcome to the Alohaowners Forum for owners and others interested in the Aloha 27 (8.2), A28 (8.5), A30 and A32 sailing yachts. It is the main means of communication between members and ideal for circulating news, events or other information and also for asking for help and guidance - between us we have an enormous body of experience of looking after the various Aloha models and members can answer almost any question.

We hope the software used for the board is intuitive to use. Extensive support can be accessed by clicking the “Help” button, but also feel free to email our webmaster (at if you need further assistance or have any queries.

Notes and Forum Etiquette

1) Unlike the previous Sailnet and Yahoo Groups, this new Forum is not email based. Access is principally via this internet browser interface - although you can set some notification preferences, you will NOT receive individual emails of new posts and will need to login here from time to time to check for updates, or to draft replies. See Hints and Tips for some ways to get the most out of the available email notification options.

2) Topics submitted must be Aloha or sailing related. Please keep posts and replies brief and to the point.

3) The Forum should not be used for advertising goods or services. Subject to the Advert Guidelines, Aloha Owners Association (and Aloha 34 Network) members can place For Sale and Wanted ads for Aloha yachts and related equipment on the Aloha Owners Association website.

4) If you have signed up using a "cryptic" id for ease of login, etc but are willing to share details of who you are, please consider including your name and/or boat details in either the "Personal Text" or "Signature" fields which you can access using the "Profile" button and then clicking on "Forum Profile Information" in the "Modify Profile" menu.

5) To protect against viruses, the Forum does not allow "attachments" so if you have information, articles, pictures, etc that you would like posting on the Aloha Owners Association website (or where, for example, a picture would particularly help illustrate a problem you are seeking advice on), please email it to us as an attachment (at and it will usually be added to the site within a few days.

6) Remember there are no "stupid questions". Don't be afraid to submit any question simply because you think it is too simple (if you don't know and someone else might, it's worth asking) or may have been covered before (although you may want to use the “search” function to see if you can find anything in the previous messages first).

7) When moving off an existing topic please do this by creating a new topic with a relevant Subject line. Otherwise, unrelated correspondence gets hidden under existing topics which corrupts that topic, and makes correspondence on the new topic more difficult to find.   

8) For the same reason, subject headings such as "Help needed" should be avoided as they are not nearly as useful as something specific to your query such as "Aloha 28 Prop Shaft Diameter"

9) There is no separate message archive. All messages and replies (unless deleted by the moderator for some reason) will be accessible from the main screen. Within each board they are displayed with the topics which have the most recent replies first.   
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