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Forum Stats Update - April 12
« on: April 12, 2006, 11:05:50 PM »
A quick note to thank all those of you who have signed up for the new forum, and an update on the statistics.

We now have approaching 200 forum members over 70 of which have already logged on to the forum so far this month. 35 people have posted or replied to messages resulting in 104 messages on 30 topics on the main discussion board (i.e. ignoring the manuals and forum admin message boards).

I notice only a couple you have signed up for any form of email notification of new posts. Just a reminder that if you click on "Notify" in the heading of the message list you can confirm you want the system to send you an email when there are new messages since your last visit. You can find more information on other notification options in the Hints & Tips in the Forum Discussion page at

If you choose not to receive notifications, don't forget to call back from time to time to see the latest information, or to post questions yourself.


Keith Denham
Aloha Owners Association
AOA co-Webmaster