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Aloha Discussion / Re: No sailing for me.
« Last post by Sawlty Dawg on Today at 10:43:09 AM »
We saw some of the Spruce Budworm damage driving through the Rockies a few weeks ago, it's terrible.

Aloha Discussion / Re: No sailing for me.
« Last post by Bruce on Today at 09:51:14 AM »
Very sad.  I appreciate your decision not to sail and breathe that stuff.  In the North Channel of Georgian Bay/Lake Huron, we also experienced sailing in smokefog and it is very unpleasant.  We were anchored about 150 miles west of the large Parry Sound fire burning on the northeast side of GB.  When I woke up, I thought the folks anchored off a little beach nearby had started a shore fire for breakfast, in a fire ban zone.  Latter in the day while underway, we were in smoke that reduced visibility to about 1/2 mile, until the wind started blowing the other way.
I am guessing that all the Spruce bug damage to forests over the last decade has added enormously to the kindling available to all these fires.   Bruce
Aloha Discussion / Re: No sailing for me.
« Last post by Sawlty Dawg on Yesterday at 08:12:52 PM »
Oooh clearing up a little
Aloha Discussion / No sailing for me.
« Last post by Sawlty Dawg on Yesterday at 04:45:55 PM »
We were going to go out this weekend but the smoke here in Vernon makes that not very pleasant. Staying indoors and fixing stuff around the house instead, not the normal summer weekend activity at all. 

There are two rows of houses in the center of that picture, they just look like faint lines now.
Aloha Discussion / Re: Hatch lens replacement
« Last post by Sawlty Dawg on Yesterday at 04:40:06 PM »
Got my forward hatch done at a local glass place, I think it was around $170. So far so good.

Aloha Discussion / Re: Hatch lens replacement
« Last post by Jeff. on Yesterday at 09:39:42 AM »
I've heard good things about these guys.
Some sailors in our club have used them, apparently they are way more reasonably priced than Atkins. I can't confirm that however.

Good luck,

I used Helmsman exterior polyurethane thinned 50/50 with paint thinner. Wiped on four coats with a cotton rag. You don’t really need more than coats as this is more “furniture” than exterior wood. But since it’s thinned so much (for wiping) you can’t get away with less.
This type of finish preserves the grain and gives “depth” without that “laminated in plastic” look we need on exterior wood because of UV.

Oh - use gloss urethane. Even if you don’t want a glossy finish use gloss for all but the last coat. This lets the wood still have depth and sparkle. If you use only satin (for example) for all coats the result will be a cloudy look.  The difference is unbelievable so only topcoat in non-gloss for a pro finish.

Aloha Discussion / Hatch lens replacement
« Last post by Holdech on Yesterday at 07:06:17 AM »
In the “holding tank” thread, Bruce mentioned that Ontario Plastics can fabricate custom holding tanks. When I looked over their website I saw that they also fabricate new hatch lenses.

Question - has anyone here replaced their hatch lenses? I know Atkins and Hoyle does a decent job but the price is astronomical. I want to fit the new lens myself as I have the directions from Atkins and Hoyle and it does not look difficult. I really just need the lens cut. Any recommendations in or around the GTA?

I’ll get quotes from Ontario Plastics but I’d like to compare their pricing to others.

Looks great Chris. Which product(s) did you use? I'll be tackling a similar project over the fall provided the temp cooperates. Thanks in advance!

Aloha Discussion / Re: Aluminm holdong tanks
« Last post by Bruce on August 17, 2018, 01:46:59 PM »
Excellent.  Every time we use the new tank I will momentarily wonder how much per use it cost! Later,  I did find on the www a plastics company in Whitby, On, that says they will custom fabricate plastic tanks and suggest the customer bring in a template for exact fitting.   ( .  The fuel tank must have been a nightmare to take out and refit.  I am crossing my fingers on that one.  Bruce
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