Aloha 27 (8.2) Owners

The records in these lists are sorted first by Hull Number. Those where we have no Hull Number on record, but have the year are inserted at the beginning of the relevant year, although this is not completely reliable as for some boats we have hull molding date and others date first launched or registered. Finally, the ones where we have neither the Hull Number or Year appear at the beginning of each list.

These details are compiled in good faith but may not be correct. If you are aware of any changes, errors, omissions or additions or if you would prefer that any of the details displayed for your entry do not appear here, please contact our webmaster.

Year Hull # Vessel Name Owner Location
N/A N/A Ship Faced Owner Not Registered N/A
N/A N/A Luff Boat Owner Not Registered N/A
N/A N/A Conquistador Norbert & Mary Schatzie Toronto, Ontario, Canada
N/A N/A Destiny IV Owner Not Registered Chester, Nova Scotia, Canada
N/A N/A Freeway Hans Schell & Tovey St George N/A
N/A N/A Anoa Guillaume Penfentenyo Plomelin, France
1976 N/A Nepenthe Jen Good & Joshua Stull Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
1979 N/A Oceano Nox John & Beverley Keiswetter Oakville, Ontario, Canada
1980 N/A Ishpeming Russell & Sarah Jane Senyk Honey Harbour, Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada.
1980 N/A Wanderlust Bill & Francine Smith Beaconsfield (Montreal), Quebec, Canada.
1980 N/A Naida Larry Wark, Lansdowne, Ontario, Canada.
1980 N/A Cat’s Meow Stephen Brabender Hornby, Ontario, Canada
1980 N/A L’Enjoleur Jean-Yves D’Avignon Saint-Luc, Quebec, Canada
1980 N/A Manjack Bob & Barbara Johnston Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
1981 N/A Zeus Andrew Anderson Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
1981 N/A Pierre de Lune I Collin Courtois Boisbriand, Quebec, Canada
1981 N/A N/A Joe MacDonald Nova Scotia, Canada
1982 N/A Screamin Lizzard Mitch Palais Rye, New York, USA
1985 N/A Naiadis Heide Hellwig Gray Creek,  British Columbia, Canada
1979 1 Escape Martin Hunt Whitby, Ontario, Canada
1990 001 Susie Girl Carrie De Mont & Don Plumb Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
1995 002 Fore Sail Alex & Lauretta Varner Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada
1979 3 Cabuda II Don & Joan Bachman Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
1980 7 Mischief George Zimmerman Manotick, Ontario, Canada
1979 8 L’Amica Dennis Walsh St Catherines, Ontario, Canada
1980 10 Irish Mist Wayne Satchell and Alison Brophey Victoria, BC, Canada
1980 19 Gold Rush Ron Doige Wawa, Ontario, Canada
1980 20 Bolero Lars-Henrik Edelvang and Barbara Young Arnes, Manitoba, Canada
1980 21 Spindrift Penny and Matt Caldwell Port Nelson, British Columbia, Canada
1980 22 Good News John Marten and Jenny Halyard Hudson, Quebec, Canada
1979 25 Perfect Pitch Vaughn & Mary Lee Edwards Timberlea, Nova Scotia, Canada
1979 27 Embellie Claude Couturier Quebec, Canada
1980 28 N/A Robert Campbell Gloucester, Ontario, Canada
1980 30 Amadeus XXX Rmy Morin Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
1980 32 Shadowfax Paul Wiersma Summerland, British Columbia, Canada
1980 33 Miss Pearl Steven McKoen Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada
1980 36 Elan Kirk Atkinson Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
1980 37 The Tardis Scrapped Lewisporte Newfoundland, Canada
1979 38 Elixir Ralf Schumann Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
1980 39 Ever After Steve & Patti Abbey Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia, Canada
1980 40 That Cygnet Stephen & Annette Spindler Riverport, Nova Scotia, Canada
1980 41 Escapade Owner Not Registered Nova Scotia, Canada
1979 42 Easy Going Owner Not Registered Nova Scotia, Canada
1980 43 BrakeThru Simon and Lisa Pickles Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada
1980 45 Serena II Franois Matte Victoriaville, Quebec, Canada
1980 46 Tara I Jacques Jobin & Louis Turbide Iles de la Madeleine, Quebec, Canada
1979 47 Moonshadow Bob & Diane Tucker Summerside, PEI, Canada
1981 49 Fantasere Joe Buker Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
1981 50 Whisper Mark Lusher Grand Lake, Nova Scotia, Canada
1980 51 Windspirit Janet and Dino Valeri Cadboro bay, British Columbia, Canada
1980 55 Esprit Eric Clegg Pincourt, Quebec, Canada
1980 56 El Tigre II Destroyed by fire ashore 2006 N/A
1980 58 Tara II Patrick Flaherty Pointe-Claire, Quebec, Canada
1981 59 ZIG-ZAG Dennis Wheatley Squamish, British Columbia, Canada
1980 60 The Buoys Sam Kuntz Marinette, Wisconsin, USA
1981 61 Ripple Garrett McLaughlin Vancouver, British Columbia Canada
1980 62 Easy Come, Easy Go Mark Halleman Washington DC
1981 63 Niska Dale Cornick Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
1981 64 Tara Sold, waiting for new Information N/A
1981 66 Daytripper Marc Andre Lavoie Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
1981 67 Iolaire Leo Maloney St John, New Brunswick, Canada
1981 68 (Duplicate Hull) Kaila Claude & Donna Gouthro Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
1981 68 (Duplicate Hull) Dazma John Quarmby Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia, Canada
1981 69 Greensleeves David Gliddon Belleville, Ontario Canada
1981 70 Allons~y Jon and Gerry Nimmo Gibsons, British Columbia, Canada
1981 71 Bora Bora Owner Not Registered West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
1981 72 Seagull Jim & Pauline Scott Pointe Claire, Quebec, Canada
1981 73 Thalassa Jim Edge Beaconsfield Yacht Club Beaconsfield, Qubec,Canada
1981 74 N/A Owner Not Registered Clearwater, Florida, USA
1981 76 Samester Cognovation Corp Toronto, Ontario, Canada
1982 77 Shamrock II James Hanley Gulf Breeze, Florida, USA
1981 78 Teline Jean-Pierre Cantin Lac Des 2 Montagnes, Quebec, Canada
1981 79 Antares Tom & Karyn Wood Sidney, British Columbia, Canada
1981 80 Loonacy Neil and Marilyn Anderson  Maple Bay, British Columbia, Canada
1981 84 Te-Gi Terry Madaras Traverse City, Michigan, USA
1981 85 Emerald Lady 2 Peter Larsen St Johns, New Brunswick, Canada
1981 86 Wave Chaser Brian McGowan Whitby, Ontario, Canada
1981 87 Marko Paulo Owner Not Registered Nova Scotia, Canada
1981 88 Daytripper Marc-Andre Lavoie Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
1982 90 Evening Flight Michael Hurley Whitby, Ontario, Canada
1981 91 Moondance Dave Buchanan and Lorraine Maisonneuve Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
1981 93 La Boheme Robert Vetzina Laterriere, Quebec, Canada
1981 94 Kahili Ginger Thomas Kalweit Barrie, Ontario, Canada
1981 95 Baffin Owner Not Registered Bronte Harbour, Ontario, Canada
1982 96 Midnight Lace Michael Hiltz Whites Lake, Nova Scotia, Canada
1982 97 E. Pauline Johnson Owner Not Registered Ontario, Canada
1981 99 Ala Moana Eric & Darlene Rebiere Barrie, Ontario, Canada
1982 100 Heaven’s wind Quentin Carton Leith, Ontario, Canada
1982 101 Imagery Jim &Debbie Kegan Plattsburg, New York,USA
1982 103 Camelot II Ken & Chris Smith Orillia, Ontario, Canada
1982 104 Take Time IV Garth Gjerlevsen Brockville, Ontario, Canada
1981 105 Gypsy Girl David Harpur Burlington, Ontario, Canada
1982 106 Blueberry Hill Glenn Mannis Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
1982 108 Circe Bruno Yan West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
1983 109 Leprechaun Terry Walker Pompano Beach, Florida, USA
1982 111 Ariel Bill & Carrie Mindell Barrie Yacht Club, Barrie, Ontario, Canada
1982 113 Morningstar Tim Coleman Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada
1981 114 Paullywog Paul Cote & Julie Besse Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
1981 115 Aurora Mark Sampson Innisfil, Ontario, Canada
1982 116 Blue Jay Unknown Kingston, Ontario. Canada.
1982 117 Anuri Brian Foster Brampton, Ontario, Canada
1981 118 Rapture James Yetso Clinton, Connecticut, USA
1982 119 Smyril Al and Chris MacLachlan Collins Bay, Kingston Ontario.
1981 120 Paula’s Diamond Robert & Paula Long Norristown, Pennsylvania, USA
1982 121 Christmas Wind Mike & Twyla Sauve Duluth, Minnesota,USA
1982 123 Shannon Barrie & Sue Brewin Kingsville, Ontario, Canada
1983 124 Footloose D. Joseph Gillis Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada
1982 125 Dauntless Steve Dray Conception Bay South, NL, Canada
1981 126 Carnaby Jim Morrison Crescent Beach, British Columbia, Canada
1983 128 N/A N/A N/A
1984 129 Karma Patrick & Phyllis Mealiffe Pickering, Ontario, Canada
1982 130 L’Ambiance II Mike Sievers Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
1983 133 Braveheart Jim McLaughlin Port Dalhousie, Ontario, Canada
1983 135 Dark ‘N Stormy Wayne Brown & Christine Maxwell Location: Nanaimo, BC
1983 137 N/A Tim Mack International Falls, MN
1984 138 Dee Jay II Ivan Sylvestre Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
1983 139 Dulcinea Richard Gegenwarth West Dennis, Massachusetts, USA
N/A 142 Joss Bruce Taylor Ontario, Canada
1984 144 Wind Dancer Andrew Douglas Pictou, Nova Scotia, Canada
1982 145 Abegweit Mitch Steele Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
1982 147 Shawanaga Dempster Ontario, Canada
1982 148 Lani’ Kai Bill Davis West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA
1984 149 Swizzle Jim & Barb Hollands Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
1985 150 Against the Wind Daniel & Linda Perron Cumberland, British Columbia, Canada
1985 151 Kallisto Jocelyn and Dena Chagnon Leduc, Alberta
1985 152 Quetzal Gregory & Earl Burgess & Steven Scherf Richmond, California, USA
1985 153 Vent-du-Mont Jacques Dumont Roberval, Quebec, Canada
1985 154 Gypsy Alec James Key West, Florida, USA
1985 157 Shequila Ross Dickson Toronto, Ontario, Canada
1985 158 Carpe Diem Gary & Mary Lin MacDonald Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
1985 160 Harmony Alison Booz Toronto, Ontario, Canada
1885 161 Quintiki Grant Buhr Midland, Ontario, Canada
1986 163 Two Carats Tim A. Rivard Bayfield, Ontario
1985 164 Bumps & Bruises Scott Dudgeon Feversham, Ontario, Canada
1985 165 Nomad Marcus Leyland & Ann Marie Duggan Chester, Nova Scotia, Canada
1986 167 Shodan Owner Not Registered Cocagne Cape, New Brunswick, Canada
1985 168 Joy Ride George Prazmowski Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
1985 169 Wake Me John Krawczyk Pasadena, Maryland, USA
1980 170 (Duplicate Hull) Surprise Darrell Low North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
1984 170 (Duplicate Hull) Madam Blue Rick Turnbull Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
1985 171 Meanboom Janet and Keith Sanders Silver Fox Yacht and Curling Club, Summerside PEI Canada
1985 174 Bacilo Ted Holtz Yorktown, Virginia, USA
1986 176 Dragonfly Gabriel & Maria Carriere Lake of the Woods, Nova Scotia, Canada
1986 177 Forever Young Boat foundered & lost in 2004 N/A
1986 178 Rocket Man Scott Oakley & Don Ruggles Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
1986 179 TJ2 Wayne Balfour Kingston, Ontario, Canada
1986 180 Andiamo Darren & Trish Wheaton Long Reach, New Brunswick, Canada
1987 181 Air Fource Mike & Lori Webb Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
1986 182 Rainbow Runner John Ewart Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada
1986 183 Grace Michael M. Leech Ninette Manitoba, Canada
1986 184 Seahorse Greg & Nancy Roach Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
1986 185 Istra Jacques Deziel and Marie-Claude Talbot Lac-Des-Deux-Montagnes, Quebec, Canada
1986 186 Misty Blue Owner Not Registered Ontario, Canada
1988 188 Argo Joseph Rotherham Cornwall, Ontario, Canada